Becoming a professional doubter

Warning: this post contains pictures of spiders. Big ones. Please close this post now if this is going to totally freak you out. One of the fun things about being Australian, especially when you travel overseas, is freaking out non Australians with stories of the huge spiders, lizards and snakes which occasionally wander into your […]

The Toddler’s Guide to Doing a PhD

This post was written by Jonathan Downie, a PhD student, conference interpreter, public speaker and translator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He co-edits LifeinLINCS the unofficial blog of the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University. He is married with two children. His newest blog Rock Your Talk aims to help people keep on […]

Masters Students: Second Class Citizens or Academic Geniuses in the Making?

This post is by Belinda Duke who is doing a Master of Philosophy in Archaeology at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.  Her research is based in NE Thailand at the site Ban Non Wat.  Belinda has travelled and worked in NE Thailand since 2008 and also southern Laos since 2010 through a consultancy project under […]