Do you need an academic coach?

This week we feature a guest post by PhD student and Whisperer reader @cuteangel. Here she reflects on whether or not an academic coach is the answer to PhD woes. Being a PhD student and a mother made realise there can be certain similarities between being a child and a student. My kids are young … Continue reading Do you need an academic coach?

5 classic research presentation mistakes

Presentations  for a faculty or disciplinary audience are subtly different to those you give at a conference, but not talked about as frequently. These 'internal' presentations are important because they tell your colleagues what kind of researcher you are; it helps you socially and academically to perform well to your peers. This topic occurred to … Continue reading 5 classic research presentation mistakes

5 ways to declutter your writing

Last week I was in Readings bookstore, with a $100 book voucher burning a hole in my pocket, when I spied a book called 'On writing well: the classic guide to writing non fiction' by William Zinsser. According to the cover 'On writing well' has sold more than a million copies, which piqued my curiosity … Continue reading 5 ways to declutter your writing