Truly Bonkers, I’m Starting to Think You’re Truly Bonkers .. Early Warning Signs Your Supervisor is a Loon

Have you presented at a conference and suddenly heard a snide remark from the back only to find it’s your supervisor? Believe me this happens, I’ve seen it and I’ve seen the poor students try to defend themselves and been totally lost. This is not best practice, have a word. Better still, show them the door.

Careering through the PhD

This is the first guest post by Dr Shari Walsh from the Careers and Employment service at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Shari is one of a very small number of careers counsellors who specialises in helping PhD students. Here Shari talks about the importance of developing a vision about your future career path post PhD.

Dear Thesis Whisperer (from Joanne Hall)

Editor’s note: One of the nicest things about running this blog is that I often receive ‘thank you’ letters by email from PhD students, especially when they complete. Often they tell me the most important thing they have learned, or give me tips and ideas for a post based on their experience of doing a […]