Mens sana in corpore sano

I’m tempted to help myself to a chocolate biscuit as I write this, but that would display a shameful lack of self-discipline. We all know, deep down, that not only does excessive chocolate make our clothes too tight, but self-discipline really is vital, whether it comes to avoiding excessive chocolate, or getting the thesis in on time. I managed the latter, so presumably I have hidden resources of self-discipline. If I could only remember where I left it!

Treat your supervisor right!

How does a thesis look from the other side? This guest post is written by Dr Kristin Natalier, a qualitative researcher and senior lecturer in the School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania. If you catch her on a good day Kris will admit she actually quite likes working with research students on […]

on home and place

“… during any given working week I have 4 physical places I use for PhD work and my part-time employment. For the PhD I have both a home study space and a space recently provided for me by my university, which you think would be ideal. I mean isn’t it good to have to have options? However, what I’ve found is it can also be somewhat confusing and disorienting. Questions like, what day is it? and, where am I going? frequently pop into my head. And not to mention the myriad of data storage questions it can generate!”