Dear conference organiser…

Like all of you I'm sure, I receive an almost constant stream of invitations to academic events and conferences by email.I rely on mailing lists to keep me informed about what is happening, but lately I have started to get irritated about how difficult event organisers make it for me to share information. I have even started replying with ideas for how they might improve their communications strategy. These replies were, of course, politely worded suggestions. This is the sarcastic letter I wrote in my head.

Dear Thesiswhisperer – support can uplift your PhD experience

As the Thesis Whisperer matures, students who look to it for support are starting to graduate. I always love to hear about their experiences and created the "Dear Thesis Whisperer" section to publish any nuggets of advice they want to share. This post is from the new Dr Janet Fulton, who completed her PhD last year. Her thesis is titled 'Making the News: Print journalism and the creative process'.