Ditch the Resolutions! Try a Theme instead

Happy new year everyone! Did you make any resolutions? Broken any of them yet? I like New Year's eve celebrations; for one night at least, profound Change seems possible. It's refreshing - even if the next day you slip into comfortable old habits. Now we are a month in I have no doubt that many … Continue reading Ditch the Resolutions! Try a Theme instead

Why do academics work so much?

Recently a Forbes article claimed that being an academic was the least stressful job of 2013. However, a storm of protest on social media forced the author to add an addendum acknowledging that this probably wasn't the case. In fact academics work a a lot and that work tends to intensify in the so called 'down time': January here in Australia and July in the North of the world. Freed somewhat from the distraction of emails and the responsibility of caring for students, us academics inevitably find ourselves not at rest but facing the deep end of the 'to do' list.