What’s up Doc?

This short post is by Dr Danya Hodgetts, sport manager, lecturer and researcher and reflects on an issue which eventually will afflict us all... We've all been there. Go on, admit it. You're working away solidly on your PhD and then starting to daydream... about being a doctor. About how life-changing those two little letters … Continue reading What’s up Doc?

Surviving the reading marathon

Recently @indecisionpersonified asked me a question in the Thesis Whisperer feedback forum: "... I have just moved continents and been accepted into a PhD program and have six free months before I start. I was wondering whether you had any advice to give people like me on how best to use the time before starting … Continue reading Surviving the reading marathon

Ethical approval – an opportunity for development?

Jerry Booth is a sociologist who was a Head and Faculty Director in departments of art, design and media until joining a medical school. He is particularly interested in the organisation of learning through practice, and is writing a PhD on how learning outcomes are translated through the curriculum into clinical placements. The title of … Continue reading Ethical approval – an opportunity for development?