Guides, Sherpas and Fellow Travellers

This post is Dr Gabrielle Appleby, Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide Law School. She researches and teaches in public law, and is particularly interested in questions about the role and powers of the Executive, federalism, and the judicial branch of government. In this post Gabrielle reflects on taking the role of supervisor for … Continue reading Guides, Sherpas and Fellow Travellers

How to start an Open Access journal

This post is written by Karina Quinn, a scholarly and creative writer working in queer theory, fictocriticism, and post-structuralist and feminist theories of the body, subjectivity, and self. She writes fictocriticism, short fiction, poetry, and also does the odd spoken word performance. Karina is currently writing her PhD titled 'this body, written' at La Trobe … Continue reading How to start an Open Access journal