Managing conflicting feedback on your thesis

We rarely have posts from our North American academic cousins on the Thesis Whisperer, so it's a pleasure to bring you this one from Dr Alison Crump. Alison is the Academic Projects Officer in Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at McGill University where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Second Language Education at McGill. There … Continue reading Managing conflicting feedback on your thesis

researcher organise thyself

Recently I put together a promotion application. For those of you unfamiliar with the Australian system, this is similar to a tenure application in the U.S.A. You must compile everything you have done in your academic career, assess its impact and present it all as a legible 'story' of your contribution to your discipline and … Continue reading researcher organise thyself

Academic FOMO?

This post is by Amy Loughman, a final year Masters and PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne. Before settling into PhD life, Amy dabbled in learning French, Japanese and Swedish, public health research, and development work in Vietnam. She is also passionate about knowledge-sharing between disciplines and zooming out to see the bigger picture. … Continue reading Academic FOMO?

Riding towards a PhD

This post is by Scott Daniel, a final year PhD student in the STEMed Research Centre at Swinburne University of Technology. His research has focused on making the most out of lectures and trying to understand why so many interesting people give boring lectures. In a past life, he taught high school science and maths, … Continue reading Riding towards a PhD