How evernote can help you with your literature review

This post is by Alyssa Bernstein, a PhD Candidate at the School of Law at the Queen's University of Belfast. Alyssa also freelances as a writer, translator, and developer, and likes making things more efficient. This post outlines her writing process and has some interesting tips for people like me, who like to use technology to … Continue reading How evernote can help you with your literature review

Know your limits

This post is by Sue Watling, Senior Lecturer in Educational Development in the Educational Development Enhancement Unit at the University of Lincoln, UK. Supporting teaching, learning and the student experience, Sue also promotes the development of digitally inclusive practice. You can read more about Sue’s work and Phd journey here. I’ve always had problems with … Continue reading Know your limits

Why do doctoral students blog?

Doctoral researchers are often urged to blog. Some do and some don’t. While individual doctoral bloggers talk about blogging as a practice, there is very little research on doctoral student blogging.   When we did our small preliminary study of why academics blog, we found many interesting student blogs, but we had to leave them … Continue reading Why do doctoral students blog?

A half way through your PhD checklist

New PhD students start all the time in Australia, but September/October is what we call the 'shoulder peak' for enrolments. This is because of technicalities in the way that universities report to the Australian Government, which I wont bore you with. However it is a good time to publish a bit of advice for the … Continue reading A half way through your PhD checklist

Please fit your oxygen mask before helping others

This post is by James Donald, a PhD student in Organisational Behaviour at the ANU. His research explores the impacts of mindfulness on stress and resilience in the workplace. James is an experienced facilitator and mindfulness trainer, and regularly leads mindfulness and well-being workshops in the community, public and private sectors. His training company is Mindfulness Works. Last time we heard from … Continue reading Please fit your oxygen mask before helping others