Shiny balls

This post is by Belinda Lawton who is doing a PhD in the Crawford School at the Australian National University Struggling with balance isn’t new for me; I’ve always been a full-throttle, grab-life-by-the-shoulders-and-shake kind of person. So when it came to starting my PhD, saying yes to opportunities to learn and stretch myself alongside the … Continue reading Shiny balls

Breaking up with your PhD is hard to do

This post is by Lara Skelly, who graduated about a year ago now I graduated with a doctorate in April this year. “It must feel fantastic”, people say, “you must feel so free”, and “what’s next?” Here’s the thing though: it doesn’t, and I have no idea what to do next. I’ve had a different … Continue reading Breaking up with your PhD is hard to do

Niche marketing for academics

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian article "I'm a serious academic, not a professional instagrammer" caused a bit of a stir in my online community. The basic thrust of the piece was that those who engage in social media are just showing off. Tseen Khoo on the Research Whisperer correctly identified the humble bragging … Continue reading Niche marketing for academics