Whatever happened to the good old fashioned academic home page?

How should you present yourself as an academic on the internet? It's a vexed question. There are just so many options for making a 'place' where people can find out more about you that it can be hard to make a decision. I've been thinking about this since Blair wrote to me with a question: … Continue reading Whatever happened to the good old fashioned academic home page?

Bold requests

Do you have trouble asking for what you really want? This post is by Brittany Amell and Lisa Armstrong, who are both PhD students in the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University, Canada. Brittany's research interests include the research, theory and pedagogy of teaching writing (particularly doctoral writing), and how these areas intersect with … Continue reading Bold requests

Some tentative advice about advice

This post is by Dr Amber Gwynne, a researcher, writer and academic editor from Brisbane, Australia. Amber currently teaches into the writing program at The University of Queensland and shares her enthusiasm for grammar via edX's English grammar and style MOOC, Write101x. You can find her on Twitter (@AmberGwynne) or at http://www.ambergwynne.com.  Caveat lector… or … Continue reading Some tentative advice about advice