9 Tips for a fuss free (i.e. survivable) PhD submission

Are you close to submitting your PhD? Genevieve has some excellent pointers for you to smooth the process. In 2016 Genevieve Simpson completed her PhD, which examined community, industry and government perceptions of residential solar energy technologies and policies to support its adoption. She is excited about the opportunity to take her findings out into … Continue reading 9 Tips for a fuss free (i.e. survivable) PhD submission

Book review: The Scopus Diaries

This post is by Dr Abel Polese, a researcher, trainer, writer, manager and fundraiser dealing with development and capacity building in Europe and Asia. He is also interested in Science Excellence, Open Science and alternatives indicators to measure science performance. In this post, Abel shares the story behind his book “The SCOPUS Diaries and the (il)logics of … Continue reading Book review: The Scopus Diaries

A PhD … with teenagers

This post is by Fran Hyde, who has always embraced the idea of lifelong learning. Acquiring several professional qualifications as well as an MA in Marketing alongside working full time, Fran also remained actively involved with the marketing teams in several not-for-profit organisations. Fran‘s decision to change careers and start a PhD ‘midlife’ was driven by her wish to study … Continue reading A PhD … with teenagers