Giving feedback on student drafts

This post was written by my fellow blogger Dr Geof Hill a.k.a The Research Supervisor's friend. This post was written to help supervisors give better feedback, but I asked Geof if I could publish it here. Complaints about quality of feedback from supervisors are common. If your supervisor could do with some pointers, perhaps you could print this out and accidentally on purpose leave it lying in their office...

5 strategies to help your research student to write

This guest post is written by Dr Geof Hill, the managing editor of "The research supervisor's friend" blog. In this post Geof tells supervisors some good strategies for helping research students to write. But of course, you don't need your supervisor to try some of these out! I recommend having a longer look at the … Continue reading 5 strategies to help your research student to write

The finish line

This is a guest post by Geof Hill, who trains supervisors and coaches research students. Here Geof offers advice for supervisors and students in the last stages of candidature. It's exciting when the individual parts of the dissertation start to come together to produce a coherent argument. But seeing the argument in its fullness also … Continue reading The finish line