I’m thrilled to be able to offer concrete help with your post phD job search with the launch of our new version of PostAc, now with a live job feed.

What is PostAc?

PostAc® uses artificial intelligence to help you find jobs and employers outside academia that need your amazing research skills.

80% of employers who post a research oriented job do not put ‘PhD’ in their ad, so the job market for research graduates is largely hidden.

Our machine learning natural language processing algorithm was trained on a large data set to spot these ‘nerdy jobs’. Search for jobs you can apply for today, or use our archive to help you prepare for the job market outside academia.

Download out PostAc User Manual to find out more about how the product works

Currently PostAc has jobs in Australia and New Zealand – we’re working on versions for the UK, Canada and USA to be released in 2022.

How can I access PostAc?

PostAc is not open access: currently you can only use if for job searching if your university has a subscription. People at subscribing universities can go to postac.com.au to make an account with their university email address.

If you would like your university to purchase the product, you can direct people to our Product Brochure for university purchasers.

What to see the power of our machine learning technology? Download our latest job market report here: Covid impact report: 24 Months In

If you are a student and would like your university to get PostAc, you can express your interest here and we will let them know!

If you would like to explore purchasing the product for your university, please email inger.mewburn@anu.edu.au to discuss the release timeline for our products and subscription options.

During the Pandemic, I am offering a free lecture via Zoom about our research findings. Please email inger.mewburn@anu.edu.au to set up a time. You can see the materials and staging details for the free lecture here.

The postac team

The PostAc team is a multi-disciplinary team from ANU with strengths in research education, sociology, machine learning and business development.

In the above photo (inside @thesiswhisperer’s  office), from left to right is the current PostAc team: Dr Will Grant, Dr Lindsay Hogan, Assoc Prof Hanna Suominen, Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer), Chirath Hettiarachchi, Chenchen Xu and Ran Cui.

We’d like to acknowledge the foundational work of Dr Rachel Pitt from University of Queensland, who first had the idea of looking at job ads, and the assistance of Burning Glass Technologies, who have generously supplied data that has made the continuation of this project possible over a number of years.

Here’s a list of our jointly published work on Post PhD employability:

Pitt, R. & Mewburn, I. (2016) Academic superheroes? A critical analysis of academic job descriptions, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 38(1), 88 – 101.

Mewburn, I., Grant, W., Suominen, H. & Kizimchuk, S. (2018) A machine learning analysis of the non- academic employment opportunities for Ph.D Graduates in Australia, Higher Education Policy.

Xu, C., Mewburn, I., Grant, W. J., & Suominen, H. (2019). PostAc®: A visual interactive search, exploration, and analysis platform for PhD intensive job postings. In: Proceedings of the The 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics  (ACL). Stroudsburg, PA, USA: ACL. https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/P19-3008/

Mewburn, I, Grant, W and Souminen, H (2016) Tracking Trends in industry demand for Australia’s advanced research workforce, Department of Industry, Canberra, Australia.

Mewburn, I, Souminen, H and Grant, W (2020) Matching PhD graduates with industry jobs, Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, ANU, Canberra.

What are people saying about PostAc?

  • “Eye opening!” (Biology PhD)
  • “This is an amazing job search site!” (Biology PhD)
  • “A fresh vision about our job choices” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Gives me a lot of hope I will be successful in the future” (Astrophysics PhD)
  • “There are a lot of possibilities out there and there are concrete steps and strategies we can use to get where we want to be” (Chemistry PhD)
  • “I know the skills I need to develop to get a non-academic job” (Biology PhD)
  • “Love PostAc! a positive approach to non-academic jobs” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Great to have actual data about the job market” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Built my confidence to find jobs outside academia” (Physics PhD)
  • “Now I know what is beyond academia!” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Loved spending time on PostAc exploring possibilities” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Looking for a job outside Academia feels validated now” (Chemistry PhD)
  • “Confirmed in my mind that there ARE jobs outside of academia – which I am relieved about” (Chemistry PhD)
  • “Very useful! Can’t wait to explore it more” (Biology PhD)
  • Very useful to identify the pros and cons of various non-academic jobs” (Biology PhD)

In the video below, three of our founders describe our motivations for designing PostAc and our ambitions for the product:

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