The Whisperer is a big fan of PhD student blogging. We want to promote it as a way of doing scholarship.

All of the blogs in the list below have been started by PhD students. Some have continued to blog after they finished. We applaud all of them for being brave enough to share their journey with the world. We hope you find these useful as potential models if you decide you want to blog your way through a PhD.

A disclaimer

Some PhD students offer advice on writing and doing a PhD on their blogs. A lot of this advice is good and useful, but you should always bear in mind that all advice – including advice on this blog – needs to be assessed critically.

Listing a blog here does not imply we endorse the advice being offered. Not all advice will be relevant to your needs and situation. Different countries have different systems of examination. Different disciplines have different expectations of writing. If in doubt, check with your supervisor or a trusted mentor before applying advice you read on the internet.

Would you like to add your PhD blog to the list? Please use the form below:

Absent Design

Amusing Space

PhD Blog (dot) net

Chaos and Noise

The Confusion Matrix

Creative Writer PhD

Elemental Present

Eljee Javier


Faye Miller


Leadership Literacies

Jane Davis

Jess Plainsong

Kat Daley

Lauren’s blog

Living in Liminal Space

What’s my thesis?

Twofish Creative

Medieval parks and gardens


My PhD Journey

Research Reflection

Pedagogy is just common sense

Pedagogy of Pop

PhD Talk

Phd in Progress

Salmar-alamossa (in Arabic)

Netvideo Nonvideo Newvideo

Siberian Ginseng

Steve Moss

The last sofa

William Webber

Queer Urban Ecologies

Research Tales


So you think you can grow crystals in a beaker?

The Practical Scholar

Angel Martinez: poet and professor

Madame Postmodernist

My PhD Journey

Redhead academic

Ecological Blog

The monicalogues

Being an (im)mature PhD student

I want a silly hat

“The Lyf So Short, The Craft So Long to Lerne”

Blue Mahy


Writing into Being

Just a PhD

Phd in a hundred steps

Spider in the bath



The Indentured Archipelago

Urban Energy research and what not

NeuroRach: Ramblings of an Aspiring Neuroscientist

On top of the world

The misadventures of Dr Beech




Nina Riddell

Sociological Scribbles


Tranquil PhD

PhD-ing for dummies

PhD_the other half

Indigenous Kin

Dyslexic PhD

Writing Rochdale


Leading Discourse

Lisa Dowdall


Keene to finish

PhD musings

S.A Nichols


A Pulgarita

Randall Science

My digital PhD

Shenanigans of a dietician

Virtuosity 11.11

Dyslexia and academic agency

My dust explosion research

What’s in a brain?

The Phonderer



FERSA University of Cambridge education students blog

Sara Cameron’s blog

Researching Politics

Diary of a PhD student

Poquito Mosquito

Zack McCarthy

Democratising Knowledge

PhD in Korea

Get your dream PhD

Doc to Be

Razvan Petrei

Ilka: My life as a PhD student in econometrics

PhD in Spain


100 days to go!

Pearl’s Odyssey

Cafe cum laude (In German)

The Pink Backpack

Kelly Pierce (health and fitness)

Scientific ramblings of a PhD fish fanatic

Rob Ulrich (BioGeochemistry)

The Cheesy Scientist

Will Sanders

Stephen’s reading Corner


Savvy Scientist

Adam Eskdale: Left in Research

Casual Inferences

Gillian’s doctorate journey

Allan Loomis

90 thoughts on “Community

  1. La Becaria says:

    I’ve found this post really interesting. I’m a PhD student and today my blog kicks off, so I would be very grateful if you include mine in your list: (in Spanish)
    I’m looking forward to learn from this blogs you mention above! 🙂

  2. sjmentch says:

    Thanks for the post! I just started my blog about science and my PhD journey recently and have been looking for fellow bloggers. If you could add me to the list that would be great! Looking forward to this adventure. Check my blog out at

  3. N says:

    Hello! I very recently started a blog about supporting graduate students and would really appreciate it if you could include my blog on your PhD students blog list! I am currently a master’s student graduating in May, and I am starting my PhD in the fall. My blog serves to support other graduate students who struggle to balance their academic and professional lives with their personal lives.

  4. sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I want to know what common mistakes do students make while writing a dissertation proposal. please elaborate.

  6. Carita says:

    Dear Dr Inger Mewburn,

    I just found your blog. It is amazing, thank you!
    I would appreciate it if you could add my blog here too. I started the blog as a master student and continued it thereafter. Yet, due to problems with core courses, I could not make many posts about the hardest time of the studies. Now, the blog is coming back into life again!

    My Academic Journey:

    All the best,

  7. paul says:

    You are a great writer and this was an excellent post and timely reminder. Just wanted to know why some PHD programs we have course work while others we don’t and are their difference between the two.

  8. Rakesh Singh says:

    Great blog. Thanks. Thesis writing is a big pain for any students, and these links are definite a help. Having faced similar problem in past, I would also like to recommend you to add my site here.

  9. Katele Alfred says:

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  10. johnythoma says:

    You are an excellent author and this was an outstanding publish and appropriate indication. Just wished to know why some PHD applications we have course perform while others we don’t and are their distinction between the two.

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  12. Ndewario L. Mbise. says:

    Iam a PhD student in Theology department. I need to get one of the successful Thesis as an example.

  13. Neighthan White says:

    Thank you for such list of useful resources, its a great food for thought, gonna check a few for sure. Also, of course this list isn’t completed, and the author have skipped a few interesting blogs, so I can suggest you to follow the SupremeDissertations blog, as they always supply it with useful articles and practical tips regarding dissertation writing itself.

  14. Mason says:

    Good place to start! I’m planning to get PhD degree in the future. Thanks for sharing those student blogs, I really appreciate it. I know that can learn a lot from them before start to get PhD degree

  15. PhD Planner says:

    PhD Planner, a new free app to effectively manage your PhD project. Please feel free to provide your feedback.

  16. Ghannem Dalel says:

    I am a student in the Faculty of literature and human sciences of Sousse (Tunisia). I am working on a thesis studying the impact Jean Jacques Rousseau had on russian writers of the eighteenth century, and I have encountered several articles citing a book published in 2002 : “Russia reads Rousseau” by Thomas Barran. I know my request might seem very bold but being a mother and doing research has been really challenging so I am asking for help. I would have purchased the book “Russia reads Rousseau” gladly, in a heartbeat, had I had access to it in my country or had I had the opportunity of purchasing it online, but unfortunately that is impossible : in Tunisia the book is unavailable and our banking system is restrictive, with our bank cards we cannot purchase anything online since we cannot pay in euros or dollars. I have read the abstract for the book, it appears to be potentially very useful to my research. I am aware that this is an imposition but I am writing to ask whether you help me find an electronic reprint, I would be extremely grateful.
    Thank you in advance.

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