Gilmore girls, myself.

Genevieve sent me this post about a year ago - such is the queue for the blog now it's taken this long for it to appear, but in this case, the wait is probably a good thing, as you will see... In 2016 Genevieve Simpson completed her PhD, which examined community, industry and government perceptions … Continue reading Gilmore girls, myself.

Your thesis is the map, not the journey

Before we begin the scheduled post, I want to interupt normal programming with a brief announcement. Australians reading this blog will know that we have an announcement about the outcome of our marraige equality survey due today. Here's a message from the ANU ALLY group about how we can support our LBGTIQ colleagues and friends … Continue reading Your thesis is the map, not the journey

Your PhD can be your strongest career asset

This post is by Owain Johnstone. Owain recently submitted his PhD thesis in Socio-Legal Studies at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University. His research explores the role of the British state in influencing the social construction of 'human trafficking' since the first English law was introduced on the topic in the early 2000s. He … Continue reading Your PhD can be your strongest career asset

The Month of Hell (TM)

Overcommitment is a constant problem for working academics who wear 'busyness' as a badge of honour. I think the overcommitment problem tends to start duing the PhD. This post from Evan Hayles Gledhill has real insight into why the problem happens in the first place - our own reactions to the hyper competitive research culture. … Continue reading The Month of Hell (TM)