What is PostAc?

PostAc University® is a new app to help PhD students into non-academic research careers developed by our research team at the Australian National University. We started working on this app because we think one of the biggest problems for PhD students and graduates is finding non-academic employment that suits their talents and abilities.

You can sign up to the new PostAc beta release in October / November here

Access our free course on finding a job outside academia via Thinkific

Many people start a PhD wanting to be an academic, but on discovering the difficulties of the academic job market, change their mind. Some people finish and find themselves under-employed or on a series of tenuous contracts, dreaming of some certainty and a wage that reflects their years of hard work and effort.

If this is you, the PostAc app helps you find the kind of jobs you could do and identify the employers looking for your amazing research skills.

The PostAc® database contains millions of job ads indexed by the PostAc® Machine Learning technology. I’ve been working for over three years with my colleagues A/Prof Hanna Souminen and Dr Will Grant to develop an algorithm that can ‘read’ job ads and sort them by level of ‘nerdiness’. We built our algorithm into a search engine to help you find jobs that will suit your skills and interests. Any graduate from any discipline – literary scholars to astrophysicists – will find jobs they can do in our database.

PostAc is a treasure trove of information about the potential job market and future opportunities for research graduates and I am thrilled to be able to offer this positive way forward for people who are struggling with the question “what next?”.

How can I access PostAc?

Currently PostAc University is only available to universities in Australia on subscription. If you would like your university to purchase the product, you can direct people to to our product brochure.

We are working on a new subscription product so anyone can sign up and search for research jobs: you  can sign up to the new PostAc beta release here.

A new Covid impact report will be out very soon! Sign up to our PostAc beta mailing list to get an early release copy.

What are people saying about PostAc?

  • “Eye opening!” (Biology PhD)
  • “This is an amazing job search site!” (Biology PhD)
  • “A fresh vision about our job choices” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Gives me a lot of hope I will be successful in the future” (Astrophysics PhD)
  • “There are a lot of possibilities out there and there are concrete steps and strategies we can use to get where we want to be” (Chemistry PhD)
  • “I know the skills I need to develop to get a non-academic job” (Biology PhD)
  • “Love PostAc! a positive approach to non-academic jobs” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Great to have actual data about the job market” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Built my confidence to find jobs outside academia” (Physics PhD)
  • “Now I know what is beyond academia!” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Loved spending time on PostAc exploring possibilities” (Sociology PhD)
  • “Looking for a job outside Academia feels validated now” (Chemistry PhD)
  • “Confirmed in my mind that there ARE jobs outside of academia – which I am relieved about” (Chemistry PhD)
  • “Very useful! Can’t wait to explore it more” (Biology PhD)
  • Very useful to identify the pros and cons of various non-academic jobs” (Biology PhD)

We are using our app to research the job market for PhD graduates. You can watch the video below or download our latest industry trend report from the ANU research repository.