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The Thesis Whisperer was launched in June 2010 and now contains more than half a million words. Over the years there have been over 8 million visitors to the blog, from all over the world. People have made more than 16,000 comments on well over 500 posts.

In other words, the Thesis Whisperer is Big! If you’re new to the blog, the sheer number of posts can be daunting. This page contains a list of some of my favourite posts over the years. There are better versions of a couple of these posts in my book “How to be an Academic”

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Shut up and Write!

How to write 1000 words a day (and not go bat shit crazy)

How to write 10,000 words a day (yes, you read that right)

The last 5%

A visit from the procrastination fairy

How to stop ‘flipping’ and write a good ‘to do’ list

General writing advice

Academic writing is like a painful, upper middle-class dinner party

Why does feedback hurt sometimes?

5 ways to declutter your writing

5 ways to kill your darlings

Endnote vs… everything else

Advice on the dissertation

The difficult discussion chapter

How do I start my discussion chapter?

How to be a literature searching Ninja

Five ways to tame the literature dragon

Theory Anxiety

The dead hand of the thesis genre?

What font should I choose for my dissertation?

Choosing examiners for your thesis

How to write a Glossary

Do you really believe what you are writing?

Five ways to know you have the right thesis topic

Doing your thesis amendments without losing heart (or your mind)

Dealing with Academia

The Valley of Shit

Academic assholes and the circle of niceness

The top five #phdemotions

Learning from ‘Avatar’

Unhelpful PhD advice

Should you quit your PhD?

How to complain – and be heard

Five ways to look more clever than you actually are

Is doing a PhD like being in a reality TV show?

The perils of PhD parenting

Presenting and publishing

Confirmation – not as big a deal as you think?

The importance of being interesting

This is not just a post about Instagram

Five ways that Poster = Fail

Five classic research presentation mistakes

Five neat presentation tricks

How to sell your thesis in three minutes


What do academic employers want?

PhD career capital

I want to leave academia – what’s next?

What is your dark side?

Working with your supervisor

Mum and Dad are fighting, what should I do?

How to tell your supervisor you want a divorce

The Tyranny of the Awesome Supervisor

And finally, because no one ever gets this far back, here is the first ever post!

How is research writing different from driving a car?

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