Keep the quirky bits! Turing your PhD into a best selling book

Dr Lynne Kelly has authored and sold more books than anyone else I know - and I live a life surrounded by people who write and publish for a living. I've known Lynne for many years, both personally and professionally. She wrote non-fiction books before she started her PhD so perhaps it is no surprise that … Continue reading Keep the quirky bits! Turing your PhD into a best selling book

A PhD … with teenagers

This post is by Fran Hyde, who has always embraced the idea of lifelong learning. Acquiring several professional qualifications as well as an MA in Marketing alongside working full time, Fran also remained actively involved with the marketing teams in several not-for-profit organisations. Fran's decision to change careers and start a PhD 'midlife' was driven by her wish to study … Continue reading A PhD … with teenagers

A 5 step program for finishing your PhD (finally!)

Part of the fun of being Thesis Whisperer is the emails I get from all around the world. Many of them outline classic PhD student dilemmas, which are excellent blog fodder, such as this one, from Laura S: Have you, or have you considered anything along the lines of *actually finishing* writing? I can produce … Continue reading A 5 step program for finishing your PhD (finally!)

Surviving the conference marathon

This post is by Dr Imogen Wegman, a project officer at the University of Tasmania. Her research is cross-disciplinary, and she might attend a digital humanities conference, a history seminar and a GIS symposium within a month. Imogen is also a co-founder and organiser of Hobart's monthly public history event 'A Pint of History'. As a dedicated … Continue reading Surviving the conference marathon

Learning from Eminem?

Dr Bronwyn Eager spent nearly a decade running her own creative business before completing a PhD in entrepreneurship and joining the ranks of academia. She is motivated by a desire to improve the lives of entrepreneurs and through integrating enterprise skills across the Academy. In her spare time (!?) she aims to foster research outputs … Continue reading Learning from Eminem?

New book! Becoming an academic

I have a new book out! Actually, that's not entirely accurate... My book 'How to be an Academic' has been re-published in the US by Johns Hopkins University press as 'Becoming an Academic: How to get through Grad School and Beyond', which means it is now easily available in Europe and the UK as well … Continue reading New book! Becoming an academic