Learning from Eminem?

Dr Bronwyn Eager spent nearly a decade running her own creative business before completing a PhD in entrepreneurship and joining the ranks of academia. She is motivated by a desire to improve the lives of entrepreneurs and through integrating enterprise skills across the Academy. In her spare time (!?) she aims to foster research outputs … Continue reading Learning from Eminem?

A PhD in 2 years… or less?

This post is by Dr Carmen Blyth, who completed her PhD in 2015 on ethics in international schools at the University of Cape Town and was a postdoctoral fellow with the Decolonizing Early Childhood Discourses research project at the same university. She has worked with international schools and universities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East … Continue reading A PhD in 2 years… or less?

In praise of professional naggers

This post is by Dr Vanessa Corcoran, who earned her Ph.D. in medieval history in 2017 at The Catholic University of America. Her research interests include the medieval cult of the Virgin Mary, the intersection of gender and popular religious practices, and the textual representations of medieval women’s voices. Currently, Vanessa is an Academic Counselor … Continue reading In praise of professional naggers

Beware the couch! Reflections on academic reading

Reading - you already know how to do it well... or do you? This post is by Dr Robyn Mayes, Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.  She has a long-standing interest in critical reading and thinking practice, and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  In addition to creating … Continue reading Beware the couch! Reflections on academic reading

Lessons learned from an African PhD journey

In Australia it is enrolment peak, with most PhD candidates starting before the end of March. I like to feature advice from students for other students. You are the ones most close to the experience, so advice from peers can be both relevant and useful. However, all the content on the Thesis Whisperer has been … Continue reading Lessons learned from an African PhD journey

What does academic work look like?

As you probably know, in addition to being director of research training and blogging, I am an active researcher in the area of research education, particularly post PhD employability. Occasionally I like to colour outside the lines by dabbling in related fields of study. One area that interests me is the nature and extent of … Continue reading What does academic work look like?

Bold requests

Do you have trouble asking for what you really want? This post is by Brittany Amell and Lisa Armstrong, who are both PhD students in the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University, Canada. Brittany's research interests include the research, theory and pedagogy of teaching writing (particularly doctoral writing), and how these areas intersect with … Continue reading Bold requests