Lessons learned from an African PhD journey

In Australia it is enrolment peak, with most PhD candidates starting before the end of March. I like to feature advice from students for other students. You are the ones most close to the experience, so advice from peers can be both relevant and useful. However, all the content on the Thesis Whisperer has been … Continue reading Lessons learned from an African PhD journey

What does academic work look like?

As you probably know, in addition to being director of research training and blogging, I am an active researcher in the area of research education, particularly post PhD employability. Occasionally I like to colour outside the lines by dabbling in related fields of study. One area that interests me is the nature and extent of … Continue reading What does academic work look like?

Bold requests

Do you have trouble asking for what you really want? This post is by Brittany Amell and Lisa Armstrong, who are both PhD students in the School of Linguistics and Language Studies at Carleton University, Canada. Brittany's research interests include the research, theory and pedagogy of teaching writing (particularly doctoral writing), and how these areas intersect with … Continue reading Bold requests

Some tentative advice about advice

This post is by Dr Amber Gwynne, a researcher, writer and academic editor from Brisbane, Australia. Amber currently teaches into the writing program at The University of Queensland and shares her enthusiasm for grammar via edX's English grammar and style MOOC, Write101x. You can find her on Twitter (@AmberGwynne) or at http://www.ambergwynne.com.  Caveat lector… or … Continue reading Some tentative advice about advice

2019. Bring it on! (gently this time)

Welcome to 2019! How did your 2018 resolutions go? I find a theme is easier than a resolution, which tends to become a promise to myself that I don't keep. A theme, summoned up in a keyword, makes decisions easier. One year I had 'brave' as my keyword, which worked really well. Every time I … Continue reading 2019. Bring it on! (gently this time)

Cleaning up, ready for the next phase

Is your desk a hot mess right now? Dr Linda Devereux can relate. In this post she shares the touching story of cleaning her office after the PhD was finished and the unexpected difficulty of the clearing out process. Linda Devereux is a writing consultant and independent researcher. She has worked in higher education for … Continue reading Cleaning up, ready for the next phase

Perfectionism is a spectrum disorder

Last year I had a health crisis, brought on by many years of just working too many hours. After about 15 years of regularly doing 50 or 60 hour weeks something inside me just... snapped. It started with unexpected bouts of tears at work, then rapidly progressed to anxiety attacks, exhaustion and mood swings. The … Continue reading Perfectionism is a spectrum disorder

How to choose a thesis topic that actually matters

Effective Thesis is a charitable project that aims to direct research into areas deemed crucial to significantly improving the world, but lack research attention. The project originated in the Czech Association for Effective Altruism. This post is by David Janku. After finishing his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Masaryk University and MSc in Organizational Psychology at … Continue reading How to choose a thesis topic that actually matters