Type Less. Eat more ice-cream.

Welcome to the Mewburn-Downs guide to using TextExpander. Here’s the promise of this book in a nutshell:

Without working any harder, you can save time with TextExpander by typing less, but still producing the same number of words.

TextExpander is an app that runs in the background on your computer; always ready to insert ‘pre-recorded’ text into any application. Little savings gained with TextExpander program can add up  – we think the average academic can save a week a year.

But… Inger initially struggled to harness the power of TextExpander in her academic job. Jason brought Inger up to speed by sharing examples during tapings of On The Reg, our podcast about academic productivity. We realised that what new users need is a ‘look book’ of TextExpander snippets, just for academics. We imagined a book that contained a series of examples and use cases relevant to teaching and researching inside universities.

This book is the first version of that dream.

We hope you’ll consider buying this book even if you don’t own the software: it will help you assess TextExpander and think about how it might work for you. Our purpose in writing this book is not to make you ‘more productive’ for your university: they get enought out of you already. We want to help you get more time for, well – you. Time you save using TextExpander can be used to eat a proper lunch; sit on a bench on campus and read a book; get some exercise; go home earlier – or whatever takes your fancy.

Don’t have TextExpander yet? We are a registered affliate so if you buy TextExpander via this link, we get a small commission to help keep the lights on with our ‘On the Reg’ podcast .

All proceeds from this book will go towards supporting podcast operating expenses, including hosting, software and equipment.