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2020 was such an unusual year: almost a chapter out of the Bible: fire, storms and then, in February, plague… Throughout the 2020 Covid19 pandemic, I somehow managed to write over 30,000 words on Thesis Whisperer Blog. This is the PDF version of the blog posts as an e-book.

I will donate all proceeds of this ebook to the UN Women’s ‘Restoring Dignity’ project.

UN women are a charitable arm of the United Nations, but receive no funding from that body. They exist to help women in war and crisis all around the world and are supported by people like you and me. I give to UN Women throughout the year for a range of programs, but this book will go towards a special fundraiser they are doing until the end of January.

Each $20 raised through sales of this book goes towards a pack containing basic sanitary supplies to women experiencing crisis, either natural or from war and displacement. Giving a pack with some undies and a toothbrush sounds like such a little thing, but it matters. Imagine having your period with no tampons to be found, or not being able to brush your teeth after a disaster has left your city with no power? Or worse – being stuck in a refugee camp where such items can only be purchased at great cost.

I’m grateful to UN women for running initiatives like this one. I believe small, thoughtful, concrete actions are the way to build a better world for everyone and I’m proud to be able to support these UN Women efforts at this difficult time.

I hope you will think about purchasing the ebook and supporting this good cause!