June 1, 2016

How to close your blog gracefully.

This post is by Jenny Delasalle, a blogger and freelance blog manager for the Piirus blog, amongst many roles, past and present. Piirus is an online, research collaboration matching service that is provided to the international research community by the University of Warwick, UK, and it aims to support researchers through its blog as wellcontinue reading.

June 3, 2015

Writing in the middle

This post is from Calvin Ho, a social scientist interested in the effect of international migration policies on individuals, communities, and industries studying at UCLA in the United States. You can catch up with Calvin’s latest work and thoughts on his blog. Academics don’t often talk about how they write. By how, I mean the nitty-gritty how.continue reading.

August 24, 2012

2 years (and a bit) on: happy second birthday Whisperer!

I’m a bad mother and missed my blog’s second birthday! In this post I try to make up for it by reflecting on the year past.

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