Easter Break

It’s Easter holiday time in Australia this week, so The Thesis Whisperer is having a brief break until next Thursday.

As usual I will be spending some of the holiday catching up on my writing…  It’s good to set a goal, so I am committing to finishing my chapter on creative thinking for the next edition of “Doctorates Downunder: Keys to successful doctoral study in Australia and New Zealand”.

How about you? Do you have a chapter or piece of writing you want to get done? (in between eating all that chocolate of course!). Share it in the comments if you like.

See you next week!

15 thoughts on “Easter Break

  1. Karenmca says:

    Paper to start revising – can’t commit to writing a word, but reading all the comments properly would be a good start! “Hard to tell if the author knows anything about music”, indeed! All my fault – I plainly didn’t wear my doctoral musicological erudition prominently enough!

  2. El says:

    paper for conference @ Brisvegas in July. Just got the corrections back from my supervisor. Covered in red from track changes. I just love working through them one at a time. Something satisfying about clicking accept and making them disappear LOL.

  3. Starling says:

    Revising my prospectus! I’ve been working on it this week, and I have one more week to finish 🙂 Good luck to everyone who’s writing this week.

  4. Irene says:

    Finishing first draft of Chapter 8 and sending to my supervisors. This will be huge as I’ve been struggling with it for months!

  5. Steve Moss says:

    I’m just six months into my PhD and was aiming to finish off the manuscript for a potential publication, based on some intereting findings with my research to date. The chocolate and sun however, took precedence and I still aren’t done! Hopefully by the end of this week?

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