Dear Readers,

In case you missed the news on Twitter or Facebook, I am leaving RMIT University and taking up the position of Director of Research Training at the Australian National University (ANU).

I’ve worked with research students at the ANU a couple of times now. It’s an amazing place with a vibrant research culture. I’m excited and looking forward to helping the ANU researchers in their work.

I have been at RMIT a very long time: since 1989 in some capacity or another. I often joke that “she gave her working life to RMIT” might go on my tombstone. So I’ll be sad to leave.

I’m sure I will miss many people, especially my boss Professor Denise Cuthbert, who has been incredibly supportive of my work, my colleagues at the School of Graduate Research and many others within the various schools and colleges (you know who you are!). I will especially miss all the Shut up and Write! crew and my partners in crime The Research Whisperer team.

I’m still deeply committed to my mission of helping research students everywhere with my writing and research work. The blog will continue on in its present form. Some proposed changes to the way RMIT approaches staff social media activities might have made this difficult, so this move is as good for the blog as it is for me.

The future looks bright! I will be introducing the first Thesis Whisperer Intern in coming weeks; he will be working with me on some new ideas. But in the meantime I’m going to go off and enjoy the view from Mount Happy for a moment – catch you next week.


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