What is this ‘anti-PhD’ attitude about?

Lately, more and more students want a non-academic job when they finish their PhD. Anecdotally, some graduates seem to be experiencing the PhD as a barrier to employment, not an enabler. In fact, I've heard so much negative talk about how employers react to PhD holders over the years that it seemed important to start … Continue reading What is this ‘anti-PhD’ attitude about?

A voice from the precariat

What happens after all the dust is settled and you start to pusue this thing called 'an academic career'? This post is by Dr Pippa Yeoman, who has started what is beginning to be called the 'post-post-post doc' stage of the academic career. Pippa is an ethnographer of socio-technical innovations in learning, who is coming … Continue reading A voice from the precariat

I want to leave academia – what’s next?

Good advice on how NOT to be an academic when you finish your PhD is pretty thin on the ground. Many supervisors have never done anything else, and/or are not well enough connected with industry to know what is 'hot'. Careers centres at universities tend to shape their offerings around the huge undergraduate cohort, who … Continue reading I want to leave academia – what’s next?

Where are they now?

Normally, the Thesis Whisperer strives to be all things to all PhD students because I know there is a wide readership across all ages and stages - and all disciplines. However, if you forgive me, this post is an exception and speaks mostly to those studying in the humanities. Science, design and engineering students might … Continue reading Where are they now?

Academic on the inside?

Who can help you get a job outside of academia when you finish your PhD? Career counselling professionals with a special interest in PhD student issues are rare. In December last year I was invited to give the keynote at the annual meeting of Australian post graduate careers advisors in Sydney. Naturally leapt at the … Continue reading Academic on the inside?