February 20, 2013

Why you should create your own thesis writing retreat (or reasons to travel)

Suffice to say I only had one emotion when Kylie Budge, PhD student at the University of Melbourne and academic at RMIT, sent me this post. Envy. Let Kylie give you a justification for planning that thesis writing retreat you have always wanted… Ever considered the idea of taking yourself away for a self-imposed thesiscontinue reading.

July 26, 2012

Theory anxiety

Where I attempt to answer a difficult question: what is theory and how can you include ‘more’ in your thesis?

July 20, 2012

Giving feedback on student drafts

This post was written by my fellow blogger Dr Geof Hill a.k.a The Research Supervisor’s friend. This post was written to help supervisors give better feedback, but I asked Geof if I could publish it here. Complaints about quality of feedback from supervisors are common. If your supervisor could do with some pointers, perhaps you could print this out and accidentally on purpose leave it lying in their office…

February 20, 2012

A (belated) Valentines Day post

“…It was at this point Dave would ask me what was wrong. You know what my reply was to someone who has finished a PhD and now has students of his own? The ever classic, “You wouldn’t understand.” Stupid or what? If anyone was going to understand my private hell, Dave was…”

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